Household energy demand can be seen as a derived combination of discrete and continuous choices on the part of the consumer. Consumers make initial discrete decisions when purchasing the durable appliances which use energy to heat and cool homes. The frequency that the appliances are later used at is a continuous decision made by the household. Different types of HVAC equipment yield different efficiencies in their consumption of energy, so the type of equipment selected and the demand for energy are endogenously linked. However, the HVAC market is prone to inefficiency, as consumers do not demand energy, but rather a comfortable and welcoming climate in which to live. A house can be kept climatised regardless of the efficiency level of energy use, so it is not difficult for consumers to either neglect or not be aware of an inefficient or excessive consumption of energy. This means that energy efficient initiatives like weatherization or sustainable housing can be neglected.

Winergy Tech aims to save energy at housing scale, increase energy efficiency, reduce energy bills and carbon emissions to the environment. Winergy Tech enables householders to use their energy efficiently at home because it holds that we don’t need to have power resources such as solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries in order to achieve energy efficiency since the energy at home is the first source to make home energy efficient. Also reducing the use of fossile energy resources at residential zones means less pollution, more breathable space, healthier atmosphere and much more benefits for humans as biological beings.

The main objective of Winergy Tech is to help householders to reduce energy bills and awake the energy efficiency awareness at homes. Compared to other solutions for energy efficiency at home. Winergy Tech presents solutions which are associated by the term of “think once, win forever”. As Winergy Tech, our solutions are based on engineering consulting. We help the householders to meet right and efficient engineering tools for saving energy at home.


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