How to Clean Home by Saving Energy?

  • You can make your own cleaner products that are also effective for cleaning, ecofriendly, non-hazardous, and help to save your money. All you need is vinegar, lemon, essential oil, and water. With different combination of these ingredients, you have your own cleansing products which do not have adverse effects on indoor air quality and so your health.
  •   You do not always need a vacuumcleaner, you can use brooms for fast and easy cleaning method which will reduce your electricity consumption.
  •   Putting aside your wearings and waiting for fullfilling the washing machine will save your water undoubtly. It is valid for the dishwasher too where it uses of water at a range of 11 lt to more than 55 lt. Also, hand washing them is never be an option. Moreover, not using them at higher temperatures is more profitable both cleaning and saving energy.